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Crown’s Career Direct Coaching Package will help you:

Kick the confusion

Find clarity with our proven filter that will clarify your job search

Learn how to chart your course

Grow in confidence by knowing your true calling

What Others Are Saying

Anastasia Y

Career Direct showed me how unique I really was. I now think of work as another way to show joy and pursue your dreams in life. I have realized some very important parts of my life that beforehand I only thought were hobbies.

Matt D

“Career Direct gave me confidence and self awareness that I’ve needed, so that I can walk in what God has designed and equipped me to do. I feel confident, motivated and have a better sense of clarity and direction. I now have a better realization of who I am and what I am designed to do.”

Vikram D

“I’m going ahead with much more assurance than I had before. It’s great when you can measure if you’re headed in the right direction. I now feel confident, excited, and streamlined.”

Work With A Christian Career Coach

Your Guide, Your Design

Convenient – Schedule your consultation in-person or over video chat from anywhere.

Complete – Your Career Direct Coaching Package includes an assessment, course, consultation session, and follow up session.

Biblically-Based – Examine your relationship with work through the lens of timeless biblical principles.

How it works:

1. Start

Select what package is best for you and sign up for Crown’s Career Direct Coaching Package

2. Connect

We will match you with a hand picked, experienced Career Direct Consultant

3. Complete

Complete your assessment and have your consultation session with your Career Direct Consultant

4. Thrive

Grow in knowledge of God’s design for your life through our Living by Design course and follow up session with your Consultant


$ 247

Perfect for students or those launching their career

 Detailed Report ($80 Value)

 2-Hour Consultation ($150 Value)

 30-Minute Follow Up Call ($37.50 Value)

 Living by Design Course ($29 Value)

 Educational Action Plan ($50 Value)

Educational Career Direct Consultant

Total Value = $346.50*

Total Savings = $99.50 (29%)


ProfessionalMost Popular

$ 397

Perfect for those looking to pivot or grow into a career they love

 Detailed Report ($80 Value)

 3-Hour Consultation ($300 Value)

 1-Hour Follow Up Call ($100 Value)

 Living by Design Course ($29 Value)

 Professional Action Plan ($75 Value)

Professional Career Direct Consultant 

Total Value = $584

Total Savings = $187 (32%)


Professional Advanced

$ 547

Perfect for those growing in leadership desiring purposeful alignment

 Detailed Report ($80 Value)

 3-Hour Consultation ($375 Value)

1-Hour Follow Up Call ($125 Value)

 Living by Design Course ($29 Value)

 Advanced Action Plan ($125 Value)

Advanced Career Direct Consultant

Total Value = $734

Total Savings = $187 (25%)


What’s Holding You Back?

Answers to common questions

Why Career Direct?

For over 20 years, Career Direct® has helped individuals of all ages make informed decisions about their future. Whether determining the proper course of study, or guiding someone through a career transition, entering the workforce for the first time, rejoining the workforce, or seeking to maximize your God-given talents and abilities, Career Direct ® aides individuals in self-discovery to teach them about who they are and what they were made to do.

What makes Career Direct different?

Career Direct® evaluates what most other well-known assessments measure such as personality, skills, and interests, but it also assesses values, stress, and financial management behavior, which aren’t included in other assessments. More conveniently, Career Direct® compiles all of these into one biblically based, encouraging report.

The results from the personality portion of Career Direct® are correlated significantly with two well-known personality assessments (Hogan Personality Assessment and Costa and McCrae’s Neo-PI), and compare favorably with results from other personality assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but are more comprehensive.

The results from the interests section of Career Direct® are correlated significantly with the Strong Vocational Interest Inventory and compare favorably with other interests-based assessments such as Campbell and the Self-directed Search.

Why do I need a Career Direct Consultant?

Having a consultant to interpret your results isn’t required but highly recommended. Our Career Direct® consultants have been trained and certified to analyze the results of your assessment and speak truth into your life. They connect all the components of the assessment to make the best fitting career or study recommendations. Additionally, their perspective makes a huge difference in providing objective feedback while also minimizing the stress that accompanies tough education or career decisions.

Which coaching package is right for me?

Student – this package is designed for those determining a course of study or those who have completed their studies, vocational training, or military service and are launching into their first professional career.

Professional – this package is designed for those who are dissatisfied or stuck in their career and are searching for an answer to align their identity and design with their work. If you are considering a potential career change, this package is right for you!

Advanced Professional – this package is designed for those in any leadership position looking to integrate their work/life alignment. Perhaps you’re feeling stressed or disconnected, or you’re looking for deeper meaning in your career, you might be in a state of transition between positions, or looking toward retirement – if any of these apply, the Advanced Professional package was created for you.

How do I meet with my Consultant?

Most of our consultations will happen via Video Conference. Our Consultants typically use Skype, Facetime, or Zoom to ensure a personal experience.

We also support live, in-person consultations if there is a Career Direct Consultant in your local area.

How long has Career Direct been around?

We’ve been in the career guidance business for almost 30 years. Larry Burkett first started the career program in 1990, and over the years, the assessment has been refined and improved to meet customer needs while maintaining our statistical reliability and validity. Today’s current assessment is designed for your convenience and available time in your busy, day-to-day life.

How many people have used Career Direct?

Over 250,000 students and adults have taken Career Direct®. Incredible, right?!

How long does this process take?

The assessment typically takes about an hour to complete the assessment. It’s recommended to take the entire assessment in one sitting; however, your progress can be saved if you can’t complete it all at one time.

You will then want to plan on 2-3 hours for your consultation with your Career Direct Consultant.

Who is Crown?

Founded by Larry Burket in 1976, Crown has helped more than 50 million people manage their finances and discover their unique design. Crown operates in more than 100 countries and its teachings have been translated into 120 languages.

Why is Crown in the career guidance business?

Think about it this way. Our finances are derived from work, and our work is derived from our gifts and talents. So really, the two are deeply connected and interrelated. Therefore, true stewardship starts with understanding and managing our strengths and weaknesses. It’s really neat how related they are, isn’t it?

Casey R

My consultant and consultation process were amazing! Incredible, life changing experience.

Rob B

“I liked the multiple facets of Career Direct. Skills, values, interests, personality all in one report. I feel like I have more clarity on future direction.”

Coaching Package Details

What You Get

2 Customized Consulting Sessions

A personal approach to Career Coaching. We help you learn the real you and what that means for your career.

  • An initial 2-3 hour consultations reviewing your Career Direct results
  • A follow up consultation after 30 days

Career Direct Reports

A robust and complete series of reports on 4 key areas of Personality, Interests, Skills/Abilities and Values.

  • 34 page detailed report
  • 12 page basic report
  • 4 page summary report
  • Next Steps report
  • 30-Day Action Plan Worksheet