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Crown Budget Coaching -

Client Course

Registration fee of $39.95, is non-refundable

(Refunds will not be granted once payment is made.
However, we understand "life happens." The start of your coaching can be delayed to a later time if needed.)

Available only for residents of the U.S. and Canada

Crown Budget Coaching

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What you get

  • Personal Budget Coach
  • Online Computer Course with 8 Lessons (No Computer - Book Course Supplied)
  • Access to numerous other financial educational resources & tools
  • Our team will connect you with a Budget Coach in 2-3 business days
  • Available only for residents of the U.S. and Canada

Real Stories of Change

"We came into the course feeling uncertain about where the line is between seeking worldly security and seeking godly stewardship.    In the midst of the course, we were reminded of the Bible's wisdom in handling money as an extension of our discipleship. Our coach's encouragement and steadiness was very helpful. He was flexible so we could adapt the course to what we needed in this season of life.   Because f the course, for the first time in our marriage, we've successfully tracked and categorized six months of expenses."

“This course has been very enlightening and convicting. It has been hard for me to not give in to the "if only" mentality and regrets for not doing this years ago. But this course has encouraged us to get on track from where we are and going forward with more wisdom and understanding. It has really shown us the difference between our beliefs and our behaviors. I am very encouraged that we are headed in a healthier direction with our finances.” 

“Our mentor was a God sent, he brought a level head and a new insight that helped us in the debt elimination. Today our credit cards are paid off and we are on our way to eliminating all our debt.  We discovered that contentment reduced our anxiety and actually improved our relationship since we were both in agreement and on the same page on how we use money. The spiritual insight brought a sense of confidence as well, that we were making sound choices, and that God was pleased with our stewardship.”

“I feel like this course has helped us to have a more positive mindset about our finances. We have a better understanding of how God has laid out in his Word the ways that we should spend and plan. Understanding that has impacted us spiritually.  We understood how God's economy worked but not as in depth as we have learned in this course, and we did not always apply it to our lives. However, through it all the Lord has greatly blessed our family. We are now gaining understanding of how to take those blessings and prepare better to manage our finances the way the Lord intended. We have truly enjoyed this course so far and are excited to see how the knowledge we gained will continue to change our lives for His glory.”


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