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Are you tired of seeing people in your congregation suffer from money issues?

Join Us for the Bible on Money Conference

Are you looking for a better way to teach about money without making your congregation feel guilty? Do you long for a day where your congregation understood the importance of giving and saving? Join us for a free event where you'll unlock the biblical wisdom and approach to guide your congregation in God's financial principles. 

Mt Canaan Baptist Church
54801 Hwy 58
Saturday, November 4, 2023
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

The Bible on Money One Day Conference covers:

  • God’s Responsibilities vs Our Responsibilities
  • Work
  • Ownership
  • Seeking Counsel
  • Spending
  • Debt 
  • Giving
  • Saving
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Eternity

Who: All pastors, their spouses, and church lay leaders

What: A series of workshops dedicated to equip you to teach others about God’s wisdom on money

Why: To equip your congregation to live in the fullness of God’s design for money - without debt, generous, savings in the bank, a thriving job, biblical perspective on money, etc.

Why is Crown involved?
We’ve been teaching God’s financial principles in over 100 countries for over 45 years and we want everyone to feel the freedom that comes with understanding God’s wisdom on money.

We believe that equipping church leaders with God’s principles for money will bring freedom, joy, and generosity in the Kingdom for individuals and communities.

What is the impact?

Churches that have used Crown materials have seen the following changes in their congregation:

Reduction in debt among participants.
Increase in church giving
Had an increase in savings
Tithe or give at least 10%

It's not just about the money… At the same time

Say their prayer life has deepened.
Have increased their Bible reading
Say marriages are stronger
Report a stronger walk with Christ!