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7 Steps to Start Meal Prepping

Meal prepping can be a great way to live as a faithful steward! Many of the principles, like discipline and planning, involved in meal prepping are biblical. Using your time wisely (Ephesians 5:16) to save money is demonstrating faithful stewardship. And being a biblical steward is all about managing our resources (namely our time, talents, […]

13 Gluten-Free Meals You Can Make for Less Than $3

13 Gluten-Free Meals You Can Make for Less Than $3

It’s completely possible to buy affordable, filling, healthy, (even gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or paleo) groceries to prepare delicious, and creative recipes for your family. The average American family spends 12% of their total income on food, and the average meal “out” costs $12.75. Since food and groceries takes up such a large portion of your […]

5 Inexpensive (or FREE!) Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Dear Chuck, With Valentine’s Day approaching, I wonder if it’s really necessary to spend a lot of money on a holiday that feels a bit made up. I’m feeling manipulated but I don’t want to disappoint my wife. Is Valentine’s Day worth celebrating, and how much is too much? – Husband Needs Help Dear Husband, […]

12 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

With medical expenses being the number one cause of financial hardships, it pays to work at staying healthy. Here are few simple tips/benefits for staying healthy: Take advantage of free ways to exercise. YouTube sessions, walking, dancing, and stretching; check out churches, senior centers, or the YMCA for exercise classes for little or no cost. Park […]

8 Budget Hacks to Help You Save

8 budget hacks

Dear Chuck, I’ve seen that you really encourage people to save $1,000 that they don’t touch at all except for extreme emergencies, but seriously, I CAN’T DO IT!  I need some advice on where to cut because I’m so close to the edge. Got any ideas? Open to Suggestion Dear Open, Trust me, you are […]