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How To Budget on Inconsistent Income

how to budget on inconsistent income

Learning how to budget can be challenging! For some people, it comes naturally, but for others, it takes an extra dose of discipline to develop the habit. But knowing how to budget when you have inconsistent income can be especially challenging. An increasing number of professionals are working for themselves, creating their own businesses, and […]

Ask Chuck: How to Budget With Inconsistent Income

Hi Chuck, I am part of the ‘Gig Economy’ and work full-time as a freelance graphic designer. Some months I am slammed with work and make a great amount of money. But then other months are really slim. I’ve found it’s really difficult to budget for these major ups and downs – I end up […]

27 Creative Ways to Increase Your Income

27 creative ways to increase income

Finding creative ways to increase your income has become an increasingly important step in navigating the workforce and personal finance. It can help you develop and sharpen skills to add value to your current job, and provide financial margin to accomplish future goals, such as saving, investing, and paying off debt. If you’re looking for […]

Is a Flexible Work Environment Right For You?

The gig economy in the U.S. is big and getting bigger. Freelance workers comprise 34% of the workforce, and that number could reach 43% by 2020. As on-demand businesses such as Uber, Lyft, and TaskRabbit offer people the opportunity to create their own schedules and work on their own terms, people have flocked to gig […]

It’s Never Too Late to Make a Career Change

It’s Never Too Late to Make a Career Change

Making a career change is challenging at any age, but it can seem especially daunting if you’re decades into a particular path and have a family depending on you. Rather than feel excited about the prospect of starting a new career, many people feel trapped and hopeless. When you’re unhappy in your current job but […]

Why You Can’t Measure Your Self-Worth in Dollars, Titles, or Possessions

Why You Can’t Measure Your Self-Worth in Dollars, Titles, or Possessions

Early in my career, a mentor told me, “You’ve got to look for the people who’ve got fruit on the tree.” He was referring to Matthew 7:17, “Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.” My mentor believed that if a person was wealthy and successful, they must be an […]

Ask Chuck: Choosing a Trending Career

choosing a trending career

Dear Chuck, I have been in my current job for only two years since graduation and am starting to feel I made a mistake. I don’t like the hours I am required to work and the compensation is not keeping up with my needs. To make it worse, the outlook for this field is bleak. […]

Why You Should Create Your Own Definition of Success (Plus 3 Steps to Help You Get Started)

Why You Should Create Your Own Definition of Success (Plus 3 Steps to Help You Get Started)

We live in a culture that prioritizes success but doesn’t give us a great definition of what success looks like. Sure, we can go on Facebook and see endless “success” stories. Our friends, relatives, and distant acquaintances post their successes all the time — their new job, the big promotion, the house they just bought, […]

3 Ways to Know Your Calling

I believe that as Christians, we should have motivation, peace, and confidence in everything we do. We have the unique advantage of knowing a certain future in Christ; which means we also have the responsibility to orient our lives accordingly. Our vocation is simply an expression of our primary ministry: to serve God. Yet few […]

How to Avoid the Financial Mistake 78% of Working Americans Are Making

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? A recent report from CareerBuilder found that 78% of full-time workers live paycheck to paycheck, and 71% of full-time workers are in debt. Of these full-time workers, almost 10% of them make over a hundred thousand dollars a year, and they’re still living paycheck to paycheck every month. This […]

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