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GIF Work Attitudes

“Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.”
(Proverbs 22:29)

Work Attitudes
by Larry Burkett

For too many people work is a necessary evil; for others it’s an obsession. Obviously, both are extremes and represent a spiritual imbalance.

Many Christians view their jobs as drudgery. For these people, jobs are literally just a means to earn money so they can entertain and recreate. They are dissatisfied with their vocations, disgruntled on their jobs, and resentful of others’ successes.

A by-product of all this mental anxiety is quite often fatigue on the job and restlessness at home. To compensate, they fill their lives with endless outside activities. For nonbelievers, these are usually hunting, fishing, boating, skiing, golfing, and so on. For the Christian, they may be church activities and civic functions.

None of these activities is bad in itself; in fact, they can be quite good, unless the activities are a substitute for the lack of fulfillment at work.

Somehow Christians have been duped into believing that work is a secular activity and, therefore, they shouldn’t expect to feel spiritual about a job.

That attitude destroys your greatest area of outreach and witness. If you view your work as a chore, you won’t have much of a witness on or off the job. This is true whether your work is done in a factory, in an office, out of doors, or in the home. You can honor God in everything you do if you maintain the right attitude.

Daily Scripture Reading:
Exodus 1 – 4