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GIF The Danger of Affluence

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
(Matthew 6:21)

The Danger of Affluence
by Larry Burkett

It is not necessary to live poorly to serve the Lord. The only people who think poverty is spiritual are those who haven’t tried it.

But, just as certainly, it is clear from God’s Word that affluence presents the greatest threat to our walk with the Lord.

Poverty is not God’s norm; but, neither is lavishness.

It is a rare individual who can actually handle much wealth and keep his or her priorities straight.

While we are laying awake wondering whether to buy a big screen television, over half the world’s children are going to bed hungry and cold.

Everything starts with a first step and that is to get involved with the needs of others. This will help us focus more clearly on what our actual needs are.

Perhaps you think you don’t have much, but compared to someone else you are very affluent.

Lord, please show me someone that I can help—someone who really needs what I can give.

Daily Scripture Reading:
Deuteronomy 14-17