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GIF The Christian View of Success

“For all these things the Gentiles eagerly seek; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things”
(Matthew 6:32)

The Christian View of Success
by Larry Burkett

As Christians we have to be careful not to fall into Satan’s traps. We must have our guard up so thoroughly that we recognize the dangers.

If you spend too much time building security, the family grows up without proper guidance. When material priorities are substituted for spiritual priorities, children are spoiled by things and, thus, have an indifferent attitude.

Unfortunately, Christians do fall into traps. Why? Because the lies are so convincing we believe they have to be true. From one perspective, big homes, new cars, and private schools seem great. However, what had to be surrendered in the pursuit of them may have been greater: family relationships.

Remarkably, God’s Word says that things are not the problem; in fact, God promises us that we will be blessed.

However, if we have the same desires as unbelievers do, our priorities probably are misplaced.

Father, show me a true picture of my own priorities.

Daily Scripture Reading:
Leviticus 26-27