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GIF Suing Christians?

“Does any one of you, when he has a case against his neighbor, dare to go to law before the unrighteous?”
(1 Corinthians 6:1)

Suing Christians?
by Larry Burkett

A lawsuit is nothing more than a legal recourse for an assumed loss. Suing is not a new concept. The apostle Paul wrote about it almost 2,000 years ago. He said it is better to be defrauded and lose everything you have than to take a fellow Christian to court and present a poor witness to an unsaved world. There are alternatives to suing available to us.

God cannot bless our attitudes until we forgive the ones we feel like we have the right to sue. No matter what wrong they have done, we must forgive them, because the principles of God’s Word are for restoring people—not punishing them.

The next step is to go to the guilty party and confront that person face to face. If this doesn’t do any good, then you are to take the person before the church.

God’s Word teaches restoration—not vengeance.

Is there someone you need to forgive? A relationship that needs to be restored?

Daily Scripture Reading: 

Daniel 10-12