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GIF Sharing Out of Obedience

“He has given freely to the poor; his righteousness endures forever; his horn will be exalted in honor.”
(Psalm 112:9)

Sharing Out of Obedience
by Larry Burkett

Many of the decisions we make in our Christian lives don’t make sense to the world. Therefore, we make them because of a commitment to God’s Word–in other words, out of obedience. We must predetermine that if God defines a course of action in Scripture, we will follow it.

Attitudes play an important part in sharing with others. Have you ever given to someone resentfully? I have and almost immediately realized I had given up more than money.

Anyone who gives willingly receives a blessing that comes only with true love. God will honor your attitude more than the amount.

Remember, when you give to meet the needs of others, you give to God. He doesn’t need the money; He’s allowing us to share in His work.

When God places the needs of others on your heart and you supply those needs, that’s obedience. But I’d like to emphasize that sharing from obedience differs from giving the tithe.

The tithe is given in recognition of God’s ownership; obedience is sharing with those in need, out of a conviction that they should not be deprived.

I read somewhere that when you give of your possessions you give little, but the real gift is giving of yourself.

Pray for direction in your giving.

Daily Scripture Reading:
Exodus 35-36