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GIF Serving the Master

“No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”
(Luke 9:62)

Serving the Master
by Larry Burkett

Our motives about earning a living are encompassed within our service to the Lord.

Many times our commitments will break down when they require sacrifices that may include a career change.

I met a Christian who was a hotel chain executive. The company he worked for had made a decision to include a pornographic cable system in its guest’s rooms. After complaining as loudly as he could about it, he determined that as a Christian he could no longer be associated with them.

At almost 60 years of age, he knew his decision was clearly one of deciding which master he must serve. He went on to be a successful real estate salesman who sought to put the Lord first in everything.

The decision of choosing which master to follow is one that each of us must make every day. Are we willing to weigh every decision against God’s Word and follow the narrow path God requires?

Daily Scripture Reading:

Jeremiah 36, 45, 48