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GIF Recognizing Pride

“Everyone who is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord; assuredly, he will not be unpunished.”
(Proverbs 16:5)

Recognizing Pride
by Larry Burkett

Pride is what caused Satan’s eternal ruin and it is also what led Saul astray. When we take things into our own hands, it becomes easier to disobey God.

Once we are trapped by pride, we are not of service to God. Without a change and a commitment to accountability, we will not be aware of our attitude of pride.

Dr. Samuel Johnson wrote, “Pride is a vice, which pride itself inclines every man to find in others, and to overlook in himself.”

God will give plenty of opportunities to recognize and correct this attitude. The difficulty most times is admitting that the problem exists.

Pride is deceptive because it’s so normal today. We are told to achieve and to be the best we can be so we can be effective witnesses. Then, somewhere along the way, the goal of achieving takes a higher priority than witnessing—the result of pride.

It’s good to remember what we read in God’s Word: “Everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled, but he who humbles himself shall be exalted” (Luke 18:14).

Daily Scripture Reading:
Deuteronomy 5-7