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GIF Questioning God

“My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken Me?”
(Matthew 27:46)

Questioning God
by Larry Burkett

The question in today’s Scripture verse is one of the most poignant questions ever asked in history. It makes me wonder what I would say if I could ask God one question?

If we are made in God’s image, as the Bible says we are, that means that we think, to some degree, like Him. Now, if I were God and saw all the ungodliness and sin, I would have destroyed all of creation. I would have just wiped it out and started all over again. At some point, why didn’t He just start over?

Yes, I know that at one point He did wipe out all but Noah and his family. But I would have taken the “modeling clay,” rolled it into a ball, and said, “Okay, we’ll try this thing again. And, remember that angel that was such a bother to me? I’ll just do away with him too.” All the angels in Heaven would have been a witness to that and would have left God’s creation alone.

Think of all the grief that has been caused and is being caused as a result of God allowing Satan to infect the earth.

It seems that the mess we are making of things just keeps getting worse. Of course He has a reason for it, because He’s God. He can do whatever He wants.

He gave us the ability to think on our own (another thing I’m not sure about). He gave us the ability to make decisions. He gave us the ability to love; and He longs for us to love Him and fellowship with Him. What we do is left up to us.

“The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and my cup. . . . I will set the Lord continually before me” (Psalm 16:5, 8).

Daily Scripture Reading:

Jeremiah 50-51