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GIF Mine or God’s?

“The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains, the world, and those who dwell in it.”
(Psalm 24:1)

Mine or God’s?
by Larry Burkett

When my children were young I shared with them the importance of recognizing that everything we have is from God and that we should transfer ownership back to His care and protection.

Years ago two friends and I purchased a chain saw for a project on which we were working. After using the saw, it was placed in what we thought was a safe place. But, a day or two later, we discovered it was missing.

My oldest son asked if I had turned over ownership of the saw to God. I had forgotten to do this. I immediately asked my two friends if they had committed the saw to God and they hadn’t either.

This made me sure of two things: my son had learned the scriptural lesson I had wanted to teach him, and I needed to practice what I had preached to my family.

Keep in mind that God isn’t responsible for what we do not give to Him.

How do we protect what we have? Make a list of your possessions and give them all to God. He will protect what has been committed to Him.

Daily Scripture Reading: 

Psalms 125-126, 128-129, 132, 147, 149