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GIF Lending to Others

“Give to him who asks of you, and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you.”
(Matthew 5:42)

Lending to Others
by Larry Burkett

Does it bother you when someone wants to borrow something that belongs to you? I suppose we all have had bad experiences and don’t want to be “taken” again.

But there is an attitude problem in the hearts of Christians who have difficulty lending, and God will deal with that attitude.

Personal attachment to the things of this life is contrary to Scripture. Anyone who loves the world and what it offers more than they love God and His gifts doesn’t have the love of God abiding in him or her.

God may allow us to lose an item just to show us how much we love the things of this world. Lending grudgingly or refusing to lend should be seen as a red light of warning by a Christian. Also, demanding the replacement of a lost item should be an indicator of attachment to things.

Our Scripture verse for today may be difficult to live by, but it is not impossible or Jesus wouldn’t have expected it of us.

God can help us overcome the attitude of greed (an attitude that makes us think our possessions actually belong to us).

Even though we may have worked hard for what we have, the truth is that God has provided our material blessings. They are all from Him, and it is not a matter of ownership; it is a matter of stewardship. Being a good steward is miles apart from being a concerned owner.

Recognize the true ownership of your possessions and transfer ownership to Christ.

Think of what all you “own.” Then acknowledge God’s ownership by turning it all over to Him.

Daily Scripture Reading:

Ezekiel 43-45