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GIF Independence Day

“All who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.”
(Romans 8:14)

Independence Day
by Larry Burkett

What does Independence Day mean to most of us? Firecrackers? Picnics? Parades? I’m afraid that’s about all our children understand about it.

It’s easy to look back and just assume that the Declaration of Independence from our forefathers was just one of the steps down the road to liberty. In fact, it was the break point—the final step—before war.

These men were saying, “We declare ourselves to be a free nation.” They were coming against the strongest military power in that day. There was no Constitution, no Bill of Rights, no country in existence. It was a small group of men who, as the leaders of our country, said they believed it was their right to choose their own destiny. We can all praise God for their commitment.

One of the things I encourage all Christian parents to do is to check out a copy of the diary of General George Washington. He kept a fairly complete diary all during the Revolutionary War and I believe it should be required reading for all American children.

Not only was Washington a great patriot and the father of our nation, he was a born-again Christian who believed that what he was doing was God’s will for this nation.

Let’s give thanks for our forefathers, who were willing to confront the establishment of their day to secure the freedoms we have in this most influential nation in the world—a nation that stands as a bastion of freedom.

Daily Scripture Reading:

Hosea 8-14