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GIF God’s View of Success

“So then it does not depend on the man who wills or the man who runs, but on God who has mercy.”
(Romans 9:16)

God’s View of Success
by Larry Burkett

A look into God’s Word quickly reveals that material blessings were given because God loved His people, not because they deserved the blessings. They were withdrawn from those who used them foolishly and were transferred to more faithful stewards.

To be a success from a biblical perspective, some prerequisites must be met.

Surrender: To be a successful servant of the Lord and to be entrusted with material and spiritual rewards, we must first demonstrate an acceptance of God’s leadership.

Obedience: To be truly blessed by God, we must demonstrate a willingness to use our material resources for God. The more we “let go and let God,” the more God is able to glorify Himself through us.

Persistency: To be successful we must be persistent in the face of problems. We cannot give up easily. If all the doors were supposed to be open and waiting, there would not be so many Scriptures directing us to “knock.”

Nothing and no one can shake a true believer from doing God’s will once it is understood. The evidence of this can be observed in the lives of every servant who ever was used by God. God’s Word is full of examples.

Daily Scripture Reading:
Numbers 5