GIF Christian Testimony

“My dishonor is before me, and my humiliation has overwhelmed me, because of the voice of him who reproaches and reviles.”
(Psalm 44:5-16)

Christian Testimony
by Larry Burkett

I met a man years ago who was using some very unethical practices in his life. In fact, I met him as a result of counseling another Christian who had just finished a real estate transaction with this man and had been cheated.

In the course of having lunch one day with the man who had cheated, I challenged him, telling him that I knew what he’d done and asking why, as a Christian, he would willfully deceive another Christian.

“Well,” he said, “that’s just a bad habit of mine, but I don’t let anyone know I’m a Christian, because I don’t want to reflect my bad image on Jesus Christ.” In other words, he thought it was all right to be dishonest and deceitful as long as no one knew he was a Christian.

It is not all right for any Christian to do that. God requires us to be honest and tell the truth, with no exaggerations and without leaving out any pertinent details.

A Christian testimony is necessary, in every aspect of our lives, if God is going to be able to use us in an effective way.

He who walks in a blameless way is the one who will minister to me” (Psalm 101:6).

Lord, help me to walk daily in a blameless way so that I can be a Christian witness for you.

Daily Scripture Reading: 

Matthew 4:12-17
Mark 1:14-15
Luke 4:14-30
John 4