GIF Christian Logos and Signs

Let not your adornment be merely external.

(1 Peter 3:3)

Christian Logos and Signs
by Larry Burkett

I received a letter that said, “I’m a Christian businessman and I love the Lord, but I am really turned off by these people who display Christianity on their cards and have signs on their trucks. Either they are trying to sell Christianity or they are trying to use God to increase their business. What do you think?”

I know a lot of people who use Christian logos on their business cards and on their vehicles, and unfortunately some are phony. Some people use this means to proselytize customers. But I believe that for everyone who is phony there are a hundred more who are sincere, born-again believers trying to serve God in a real way.

I caution everyone I come in contact with to be sure they know what that means. It doesn’t just mean being a better businessperson. It means being a different businessperson because of the principles he or she is committed to live by.

Read today’s verse again. In other words, don’t just show your Christianity on the side of a truck or a logo on a business card. Let your behavior show that you are committed to Christ.

How can you do that? By being honest, treating your customers fairly, and by always giving them the better deal than you do yourself. You also do that by paying your employees a fair wage and treating them with honor. Then your adornment is not only external, it is internal.

If you display Christ by using symbols, live by what you are displaying. Hold up the standards of the Lord before others.

Daily Scripture Reading:

Proverbs 13-15