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GIF Christian Commitment

“Prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.”
(James 1:22 )

Christian Commitment
by Larry Burkett

If most Christians in America were as dedicated to Christian activities (Bible study, prayer, evangelism) as they are to sports, we would truly have a spiritual revival today. Christians often are confronted with a conflict between God’s way and the world’s attractions.

One pastor of a large dynamic church confided that he had come under severe criticism for allowing the Sunday morning services to go beyond noon when the local professional football team had home games.

Obviously, it is not sports, recreation, or other activities that are the problems; it is a lack of vital, dynamic commitment to God’s way.

The non-Christian world will try to test our commitment to see if it’s real. If it’s not, they will reject our message as just another philosophy. Quite often, the testing ground will be on the job or in our own neighborhoods.

Many Christians have lost their witness because they weren’t “doers of the Word.”

Daily Scripture Reading:
Romans 7 – 8