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“Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but [the one] who fears the Lord. . .shall be praised.”
(Proverbs 31:30)

by Larry Burkett

We have a tendency to make celebrities of people and treat them as if they were superior. I have a real problem with “celebrities.” Some people have even tried to make a celebrity of me because I have written books or have radio programs. No way!

First, there’s no special reward in Heaven for teaching or writing any more than for the person who cleans the church or keeps the nursery.

Some Christian “celebrities” have allowed themselves to have their egos enlarged, which eventually will destroy their usefulness to God. Why? Because the Lord told us that if we exalt ourselves, He will humble us.

In the secular world we idolize professional athletes and actors. Amazingly, we allow them to speak on topics they have no knowledge of. Many times their value systems are so distorted they give the wrong signals to our young people.

The best thing we can do for celebrities is pray for them—that God would put them under conviction to accept salvation. Speak highly of godly men and women in positions of leadership in your life and the lives of your kids. Find heroes in the past who had good values in their lives and discuss what living that out looks like in today’s culture and context.

Remember, we are all equal in God’s sight. All He desires is for our hearts to be completely His (see 2 Chronicles 16:9).

Daily Scripture Reading:

Matthew 26:47-75
Mark 14:43-72
Luke 22:47-65
John 18:2-27