GIF Be an Overcomer

“Who is the one that overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?”
(1 John 5:5)

Be an Overcomer
by Larry Burkett

I have counseled many people who are discouraged about their problems—many to the point of suicide. Satan knows where we’re vulnerable, and in America it’s usually in our self-esteem concerning material things.

In a land of plenty like ours, even those who are poor are better off than the majority of the world. So why do we see despair and discouragement? Because we have adjusted our expectations and made them relative to everyone else around us. It’s the same symptom that causes despair in a multimillionaire whose assets have shrunk to a few hundred thousand dollars.

Discouragement abounds today because of unemployment or underemployment. When everyone is poor, it seems that most people can adjust to that. But when someone has lost a job and others still have theirs, it’s hard to handle. High debt loads and creditor pressures simply add to the feelings of inadequacy and failure.

Discouragement, depression, and self-pity are the result of problems and adversity for some. For others, problems are a challenge and help bring about faith, trust, and victory.

As Christians we are admonished to be overcomers.

Think about something in your life that you need to overcome and ask the Lord to help you.

Daily Scripture Reading:
Numbers 11-13