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“He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves abundance with its income.”
(Ecclesiastes 5:10)

At What Price?
by Larry Burkett

I often think of people, like Howard Hughes, who made tremendous successes of their lives financially and materially. These people did what they thought was best, but when they got to the end of life they asked, “What is life all about?” “What good is money now that I’m going to die?”

If I hadn’t received Christ, that’s exactly where I would be. There is no question. I would never have been happy and would have died thinking, “What is this all worth? What a worthless effort this has been!”

But, in Christ, life is totally different. I made a promise to God that, to the best of my ability, to this day I have not violated. I said, “God, if You will make it clear, I’ll do whatever You say. You’ll have to deal with my ignorance, because I am really ignorant about You, God, but I will never be rebellious or disobedient again. So, if You’ll make it clear, I’ll do it.”

God’s Word is really clear about what He wants us to do. We just aren’t very obedient about following it. And, I’m not just talking about money (although that’s what I teach about). That’s true in the area of loving other people and putting the right priorities in our lives. It’s putting God first.

It doesn’t cost anything to say “I believe in God; I put God first.” But, if you live it, it will cost something.

Have you put God first in your life? Is there some area of your life that you are holding back? Ask God to show you what that is and then surrender it to Him.

Daily Scripture Reading:
Genesis 6:9 – 9:29