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GIF A Spiritual Gift

“You will be enriched in everything for all liberality, which through us is producing thanksgiving to God.”
(2 Corinthians 9:11)

A Spiritual Gift
by Larry Burkett

There’s only one reason God supplies a surplus of wealth to a Christian: so that he or she will have enough to provide for the needs of others. True wealth comes with the gift of giving. God promises His blessings to all who freely give and promises His curse on those who hoard, steal, covet, or idolize.

The apostle Paul defines the reason for having wealth as meeting the needs of the saints. In today’s Scripture verse, the gift of giving is defined as the foundation for a life of selfless devotion to others.

Being a wealthy Christian establishes a greater responsibility than being a poor Christian. Being rich or being poor is a matter of providence in God’s will, and He will give us only what we are capable of handling.

But the duties and responsibilities of wealth are very heavy because of the temptations. You can step outside of God’s plan simply by attitude.

Becoming content without God in our abundance is a much more subtle sin than stealing. We just slip outside of God’s will and never realize it until calamity hits.

The Christian’s responsibility is awesome and sobering. God, in His eternal plan, has decided to use us to supply His work. One day we must all stand before God and give an account of what we have done with His resources.

God allows an accumulation of wealth so His people can exercise the spiritual gift of giving.

Daily Scripture Reading:
Exodus 32-34