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What Does the Bible Say About Planning?

by Crown Team November 2, 2017

Planning is biblical.

In Proverbs God says that someone who plans well will foresee dangers and avoid them, but the foolish person (a non-planner) will rush ahead, do whatever’s convenient, and end up paying the penalty.

Just as we can’t build a home without blueprints, we can’t have solid financial structure without plans. Being a good and faithful steward means being able to live on a budgeta short-term plan. And then we are to look forward to see eventual needs and try to meet them – a long-term plan.

what does the bible say about planning

One of the most noble characteristics of an ant is the way they plan for the future by storing food in good times for use when times are bad. It’s an example we can all follow as well.

The Proverbs 31 woman is an example of someone whose planning is key to good stewardship. We’re told she worked hard, she spent wisely, and she planned ahead.

But God’s word advises us to be planners for reasons beyond building a savings account or avoiding indulgence. When we plan, we experience more margin and freedom in our lives – which means we are freed to further God’s work here on earth.

When you plan ahead, there is money left to give generously.

Today we often feel we can’t give because we have not been faithful stewards in planning, working or spending.Yet, we know that Jesus’ words – that “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Good stewards work as unto the Lord.

Good stewards analyze the budget to make sure the needs of the family are covered. They look ahead to anticipate future expenses. Things like new tires, car repairs, appliance replacements, insurance costs for teen drivers, and diapers should be accounted for.

Good stewards decide what to buy every month based on yearly sale trends. They plan ahead for those purchases to get the best deals in order to spend wisely.

Good stewards save and invest by researching and seeking wise counsel.

And, after all that planning, good stewards are able to give generously.

Planning takes time, but it’s a necessary ingredient to successful living. We plan our grocery lists, our vacations, and our kids’ sports schedules….so why not our finances too?

And, I have good news!! There is a guide that can help you accomplish this. Crown’s Money Map is a simple and easy-to-use guide that can help you set and reach financial goals that line up with Scripture. And it doesn’t matter where you’re starting. The Money Map can help you build an emergency savings plan or retirement account.

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