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Quick Start Guide: Eliminating Debt

by Crown Financial March 8, 2023

Quick Start Guide: Eliminating Debt

The Eliminating Debt Quick Start Guide is your step by step process to accomplishing your goal to be debt free! Check out all steps on one page or dive further for the simple how to's on each step as you need. 

Debt Free Journey Resources

Christian Credit Counseling

Need someone to review your situation and create a plan to reduce your debt and help you on the journey? Contact our trusted partners, Christian Credit Counseling and get your free assessment today.

Debt Snowball Calculator

Organize your debt list from smallest to largest, beginning with consumer debt, the auto and education debt, then your mortgage. Add them to the Debt Snowball Calculator and get an individualized payment plan which will accelerate your debt free journey and save you tons of money in interest! 

Debt Free Living Course

This free mini video course will help you make a plan to attack your debt and live free. Sign up on CrownOnline and access your free course today!

Savings Resources

Savings Goal Calculator

Run savings scenarios to see how much you need to save to reach a certain amount.  Includes Savings Schedule & charts!

Saving Tips and Tricks

Crown Staff shares their favorite tips and tricks for saving money. For extra savings tips that help during times of times, click here.

Savings Account Allocation

Want to keep track of how much you’ve saved towards your upcoming bills? Or, how close you’re getting to your next savings goal? Use this worksheet to stay on top of your savings. Would you rather keep track online? Click here to view it in Google Sheet.

Need help making a budget? Check out Crown's Quick Start Guide to Creating a Spending Plan.

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