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Losing Everything and Living for God: Episode 2

by Crown Financial May 17, 2020

Episode 2: Losing Everything and Living for God

Crown Stewardship Podcast

Episode 2: Losing Everything and Living for God

About this episode:
Craig Deall shares about what it's like to loose everything and how Christians can flourish and glorify God in the midst of hardship.

Craig Deall

About our guest:
Craig Deall is the CEO of Foundations for Farming, which was founded in Zimbabwe in the 1980s.

Foundations for Farming uses principles taught by Jesus to bring transformation to individuals, communities, and nations using a simple technology and management system that breaks the yoke of poverty.  

Craig was born in Zimbabwe and, together with his wife Bridgie, farmed commercially for 30 years. The farm was successful and profitable until Craig and his family were removed forcibly from the farm without compensation as a part of the Zimbabwe government’s land redistribution. 

The Lord took Craig and Bridgie on a remarkable road of forgiveness. In 2008 this road culminated in Craig being led by the Lord to use his farming talents to serve at Foundations for Farming.  


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