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by Crown Financial October 2, 2019

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Why Continuous Self-Education Is Good for More than Just Your Career

"Our parents’ and grandparents’ generations lived by this model: go to school, get a job, stay with the same company for your entire career. The world changed slowly, and the knowledge you gained in school remained relevant throughout your career. But we live in a very different world, one that changes much, much faster. Failing to pursue new learning opportunities today is a huge mistake — one I’d like to help people avoid." Click here to read more. 

Why Continuous Self-Education Is Good for More than Just Your Career

"I recently read an article from Forbes that staying at a job for more than 2 years means you’ll get paid 50% less. I come from a background where my parents and grandparents stayed with the same company their entire careers, so changing jobs every 2 years to keep a better pay sounds strange to me. But I don’t want to get stuck in a job that isn’t going to be financially advantageous. What would you advise I do?” Job hopping looks different in our society today. Click here to read more. 

Can't Focus at Work? Use Task Batching to Organize Your Brain

Our society is built on multitasking. We do it all the time, at work, at home, at school, everywhere we go. However, multitasking is hurting our productivity, efficiency, attitude, and even our creativity. If you are looking for a way to accomplish more, batching may be an effective technique for you to try at work. Click the link to our blog to read more about the newest way to combat multitasking and boost your creativity and focus.

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