Sheila Thompson

Sr. Vice President of Development

As Sr. Vice President of Development, Sheila has a passion to see people of all ages progress in their relationship with the Lord, experience heart transformation, and apply His principles to their lives. 

Her research in the area of poverty and orality was instrumental in launching Crown’s new outreach through visual media. Her scope of responsibility has included: ministry fundraising, marketing, communications, customer relations, operations, ministry education, analytics, and field staff administration. 

She came to the ministry with 13 years of experience in the corporate world, bringing a background of both marketing and computer science.

Sheila’s life was deeply impacted by Christ through Larry Burkett’s teaching on stewardship. Her spiritual journey advanced to another level when she began volunteering in her own church and reaching out to others with the stewardship message.

Sheila and her husband, Chuck, live in North Georgia with their three children, Hannah, Nathaniel and Ethan. They have led the Stewardship Ministry in a local church of more than 5,000 members.