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Biblical Financial Guide:
7 Steps to Prepare Your Finances for
COVID-19's Economic Impact

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Gain confidence in your finances

Financial Principles

Each of the 7 steps contains financial wisdom that is applicable for you right now.

Biblical Context

You'll find 7 affirming scriptures as the foundation of each step, encouraging your progress.

Additional Resources

Extra resources offer additional guidance to secure your success, including how to teach your kids! 

The 7 Steps guide is helpful whether you've lost your job or not. We all need to be more financially prepared for how this pandemic will affect the economy. Download the eBook today!

Your Financial Guide to Navigate Uncertain Times

  • Get practical advice for your financial plan
  • Read Biblical encouragement and wisdom to validate each step
  • Link to additional resources to help you reach your goals
  • Receive wise options no matter your current job situation
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