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30 Day Money Reset

Your one month challenge to develop healthy, biblical financial habits.



Self-awareness is an important skill to have in your finances.

You’ll be able to make progress and avoid temptations if you know what your strengths, weaknesses, and motivations are. So today, focus on setting yourself up for success – not just over the next 30 days, but for your entire financial future.

A good way to get started is to plan a reward for yourself at the end of these 30 days. It shouldn’t be excessive, but something that will help you stay excited and motivated over the next few weeks. Make sure it has a specific value so you can incorporate it into your budget! Maybe it’s a movie at the theater, a dinner out, or $20 to spend on whatever you want.

Next, identify your money personality. Are you a spender? A saver? An investor? A planner? Or an “it will probably all work out at the end of the month – er”? Be honest with yourself – you may be a combination of a few!

By identifying and embracing your “money personality”, you’ll be able to use your strengths to their greatest effect and plan how to compensate for your weaknesses. There are temptations in everyone’s financial journey. A saver may be tempted to never spend on things that are necessary; a spender may be tempted to spend on things that are unnecessary! 

Today's action item:

Write down your reward, your money personality, and your financial temptations in your journal or 30 Day Snapshot.  How will you handle your temptations when they arise?