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30 Day Money Reset

Your one month challenge to develop healthy, biblical financial habits.

DAY 23


Did you know that two-thirds of the parables Jesus taught dealt specifically with finances? Everyone has a relationship with money and possessions and that relationship reveals what’s going on in a person’s heart.

Jesus never said money or material things were problems. He said that the misuse of these good gifts were symptoms of the real problems. He constantly warned us to guard our hearts against greed, covetousness, ego, and pride because these are the tools Satan uses to control and manipulate the world.

A definition of “faith”, according to Hebrews 11, is trusting God totally. It means trusting God for things we cannot see or manipulate into happening.

Most of us truly desire to be able to exercise this faith. But the world around us tells us to do just the opposite. If you don’t have the money for what you “need”, just borrow to get it. If it’s too expensive for your income, so what? You deserve it; besides, you have to stretch yourself if you want to be successful in this world. God’s Word tells us to learn to be content and to dedicate ourselves to serving God. 

Today's action item:

Today, work on cutting down your food expenses - eating out and groceries.  Come up with some of your own ideas and write them down.

Here are some ideas to help you get creative:

  • Invite friends over instead of eating out. Have a potluck and give everyone a chance to bring a dish to share.
  • Have a “Meatless Monday” dinner every week – meat is often the most expensive part of the meal, so cut it out and get creative with some veggies.
  • Have a “Must Go’s” dinner every week – get rid of all the leftovers, half-used, or about to expire food. You may discover a new favorite recipe!
  • Cut down on paper products – don’t buy paper or plastic plates, cutlery, or cups. Use rags instead of paper towels when you can.
  • Avoid buying prepared foods like frozen dinners and baked goods.
  • Try store brand products.
  • Shop seasonally to avoid price hikes on produce.
  • Shop for advertised specials.