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30 Day Money Reset

Your one month challenge to develop healthy, biblical financial habits.

DAY 10


There’s no great mystery to the material cause of debt. Debt occurs when we spend more money than we have! But the immaterial cause is often much harder to see. The problem lies within our hearts.

The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content. (1 Timothy 6:8)

But most of us don’t live like this. Instead, we live as if Paul wrote, “But if we have a really nice car, and a big beautiful house, and the latest technology, and……, with these, we will be content.”

Contentment is not about enduring an austere lifestyle of subsistence. Rather, with true, godly contentment, we come to enjoy life more because thankfulness permeates everything we do. The secret of contentment lies not in getting enough stuff, or even the right stuff, but in recognizing God as your Provider.

Not only does debt hold us back from living as a faithful steward, it also costs a lot of money. Because interest payments are so high, you end up paying much more than the item, experience, or education was worth in the first place.

If you have debt, calculate the amount of money you’re paying in interest every month. Reference your bills or statements to find the exact number. Take all forms of debt into account: student debt, car loans, credit cards, mortgage, medical debt, payday loans, etc.

Don’t be discouraged if it’s a lot! You’ll be making a debt-payoff plan with a proven method in just 2 days!

(If you’re debt-free, celebrate your accomplishment!) 

Today's action item:

Calculate how much you're paying in interest every month.  Write the number down in your journal or 30 Day Snapshot.