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Crown's classic Biblical Financial Study has been updated and upgraded for 2015! And it’s on sale for $29.95 for a limited time!

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Personal Finance Tools
Crown has a vast library of calculators, downloads and articles to help you on your financial journey. Whether you are just getting started or need helpful advice on how to manage what God has given you Crown is here to meet your needs.
Career Tools
Personality I.D.® Career Direct
Building Stronger Teams - "This evaluation tool has virtually revolutionized our staff and several hundred other businesses with whom I have shared it.” (Larry Burkette) Your Career - Stuck? Frustrated? Confused? Bored? A Career Direct® Consultants can help. Connect Today!
Building Stronger Marriages – To discover more of your unique design and how it impacts your relationship with each other, do your assessment! Becoming a Career Direct Consultant - As a trained Career Direct® Consultant, you will have the opportunity to help people in a unique way while earning an income for your services.
Become a Personality I.D.® Consultant - Interest in becoming a Personality I.D.® - Consultant? Where can I get trained as a Career Direct Consultant?What should I study? HELP!
Business Tools
Members get access to 190+ professionally produced videos that explain important business concepts such as: sales, marketing, accounting, finance, business law, human resources, business planning, business communications, operations, technology, and service management.
Outreach Partners
Join us in the "transformation business". This is what you'll be accomplishing through Crown, day after day...inspire millions of people a year to make liberating financial decisions according to God's Word.
Financial Assessment Tool
Take our brief survey about your finances, which will provide you with a snapshot of your current financial health, and will also give you a breakdown of where you stand in 9 key areas related to your actions and attitudes toward money.

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