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Lessons on preventing financial problems

Many sermons and teaching lessons that pastors present to their congregations do not apply to everyone.

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Teaching lessons on surety

With regard to finances, surety is probably the least taught and least understood principle in God's Word. Considering the number of times the Scriptures warn against surety, its amazing to think that ...

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Reporting housing allowances

Ministers are allowed to receive lodging or accommodations from the church free of income tax liabilities. However, churches need to “cover all their bases” in order to satisfy the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and to maximize housing allowance benefits for ministers.

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The offering

Because the handling of cash itself does not result in the Internal Revenue Service acknowledging and accepting the accounting of funds given or received, establishing an appropriate method of handling offerings could be one of the more important aspects of church financial management.

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Miscellaneous professional deductions

In addition to travel and transportation expenses and housing allowance, there are other professional expenses that can be deductible if they are unreimbursed by the church or paid directly by the church.

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Responsibilities of the church board

Although the authority and responsibilities of church boards are as diverse as the churches they serve, there are some responsibilities that should be consistent and typical for all church boards. 

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What the Bible says about borrowing

In a recent survey of several seminary students, it was determined that 70 percent of those surveyed felt that borrowing was scripturally prohibited.

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Paying church bills

Like all organizations, churches have certain bills and obligations that must be paid: utilities, mortgage, missions commitments, vehicle payments, staff payroll, insurance, and so on.

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The financial message of the ministry

Although it is each individual's responsibility to learn God's principles of finance as presented in the Word of God, most American Christians today don't know where to begin, what to study, or how to implement what they have studied. 

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Turning a financially troubled church around

Even though there are more churches than ever before in the history of America facing financial problems, there is no simple, quick-fix formula that has proved always to work to reverse financial difficulties.

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