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Chuck Bentley CEO

Chuck Bentley joined Crown Financial Ministries in 2000 and was unanimously selected by the Board of Directors to serve as the CEO in 2007. He becomes only the third CEO of the ministry. He was preceded in this role by the late founder, Larry Burkett (1976–2000) and Howard Dayton (2000–2007). Today the ministry has outreach in 104 nations.

Chuck has traveled throughout the world teaching biblical financial principles to the affluent, middle class, poor and ultra poor. He is the author of four books, including his most recent, The Worst Financial Mistakes in the Bible, and How You Can Avoid Them. A new book on love and money will be published this year. He is the executive producer of the God Provides™ film series, starring Dean Jones. The films are now used throughout the world in 30 languages with the potential to reach 2 billion oral and visual learners. He writes and produces a daily radio broadcast heard on over 1,200 outlets in the USA.

Chuck is frequently a guest speaker addressing both churches and business leaders on biblical financial topics and has appeared on many television, radio and news outlets around the world.

In addition to his responsibilities as CEO of Crown, he also is the Founder and Executive Director of the Christian Economic Forum, an annual gathering of select marketplace leaders dedicated to improving the world through the advancement of ideas that work, with a focus on God’s economic principles. He also serves on the board of Foundations for Farming, an initiative aimed at bringing transformation to individuals, communities and nations through sustainable agriculture and faithful stewardship of the land.

Chuck was born in Wichita Falls, Texas. He enjoys reading, the outdoors and his family. He and his wife, Ann, have been married since 1978. Both are graduates of Baylor University, where Chuck earned a B.A. in Business Administration, served as Student Body President, and received both Outstanding Sophomore Man and Outstanding Senior Man awards.

Chuck and Ann live in Knoxville, Tennessee. They have traveled to five continents together serving to advance Crown’s mission and have four sons, a daughter-in-law, and four grandchildren.


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