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12 Secrets to True Wealth

What the Bible Says About Saving

Crown CEO Chuck Bentley Shares the 12 Secrets to True Wealth Learn the 12 Secrets to True Wealth! Chuck Bentley (CEO of Crown Financial Ministries) Shares timeless biblical wisdom regarding finances. The 12 Secrets to True Wealth addresses… What’s the difference between worldly and biblical wealth? Is it okay for Christians to be wealthy? How […]

Simple Interest Calculator

Our Simple Interest Calculator allows you to calculate the amount of interest earned on an initial investment amount. It also creates a helpful chart which breaks down the amount of interest earned vs. the original principal amount.We also have a Compound Interest Calculator for cases when you need to calculate compound interest! 

Compound Interest Calculator

This Compound Interest Calculator will allow you to calculate the amount of compound interest generated over a period of time.  (Compound Interest means the interest you earn is reinvested so that your interest begins earning even more interest.) In addition to calculating compound interest for your initial investment, you can also include Regular Investments for additional […]

Loan Affordability Calculator

Our Loan Affordability Calculator will help you determine how much you can afford to borrow if you need to take out a loan.  This calculator assumes you already know what the Maximum Monthly Payment you can afford is.​This Loan Affordability Calculator doesn’t take your other life expenses or monthly budget into account.  It’s simply a […]

Net Worth Calculator

Use the Crown Net Worth Calculator below to calculate your net worth. Be sure to click the black arrow to reveal all of the other asset and liability categories under other headings such as Investment Assets so you don’t miss anything!

Car Lease Payment Calculator

Our Car Lease Payment Calculator will help you calculate your next car lease payment based on a number of different variables. If you don’t know a specific number listed below, or a field doesn’t apply to your situation, just leave it blank. (FYI: the Residual Value is the estimated amount the car, truck, or SUV will be worth […]

Your Career and Identity

Thank you for downloading one of our latest resources!We are honored to be a helpful resource and guide for you in your career journey, and we hope that our resources provide you with clarity, direction, and guidance for whatever is next in your career. Want more advice & guidance?Check out our blog today! We address […]

Facilitator Toolkit for Crown Courses

If you are facilitating an online MoneyLife Personal Finance Study in the Crown Courses e-learning platform, this toolkit is for you! We’ve assembled some resources to make your experience as the facilitator go as smoothly as possible. Using the links below, you can access helpful Facilitator Training (which is optional), as well as a PDF guide and email […]

Q&A Webinar Resources

Use the links below to access the resources mentioned in the Q&A Webinar. Joanne’s Question: 1 Timothy 5:8: But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever (ESV). Blog: What Does the Bible Say About Giving?  God wants us to be […]

Guide to the Best Online Courses

The Best Online Course Platforms to Sharpen Your Skills & Boost Your Career (Plus 11 of our Favorite FREE Open Online Courses!) The most in-demand employees have an abundance of either experience or knowledge. And while you can’t gain years of experience overnight, you can increase your knowledge. Thanks to online learning, you have countless […]

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