You’re Teaching Your Children

What are you teaching your children?

A friend of mine loves teaching the Bible to children. One day, she and her grandson, Henry, were role-playing the story of Noah and the flood. She asked him as if he were Noah, “What are you doing, Noah?” Imitating God’s voice she then shouted, “Build the Boat!” Laughing together, they did this over and over. A few days later, he was checking out at a store with his Dad. The boy politely asked the checker saying, “My name’s Henry. What’s yours?” He answered, “Noah.” Henry studied him closely while his Dad was paying. Then, they walked away, but Henry turned around and shouted, “Build the BOAT!” I love that story! It’s a vivid reminder that children are always learning.

Young children are capable of learning basic financial principles too. Start with things like God created the world and everything in it. He even made us in His image. Now imagine that! He loves us so much that He wants us to be caretakers of all that he provides. They can practice these principles by learning to care for their toys, not wasting their food, or treating others with love and respect. Set an example of gratitude with all that you have and all that you do. Show them how to work with excellence and joy. Demonstrate the importance of giving regularly to the work of the Lord. We give because we love God and desire to obey Him. May our gifts to Him be a vivid reminder of all that He’s given us – especially the children! 

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