Where’s Your Treasure?

Where’s your treasure?

My Dad is 89 years old and he plays cards every Friday. Last year he told me about a man who is at the card game every week that buys his wife 1 share of stock for her birthday present. Just 1 share of Berkshire Hathaway stock is all she asks for. That’s a $400,000 birthday present – every year. Dad said he’s now worth more than $100 million. So I asked, “How old is he Dad?”  He said, “He’s 89 years old too.” To which I replied, “Well, he won’t be worth $100 million for long.”

I know stewards who put their treasures in God’s Kingdom and they experience the excitement and joy of a return on their kingdom investments!
Some are financing the completion of Bible translations of every known language on Earth. Others invest millions in evangelism. Others I know start impact businesses in hard places to provide jobs and increased income for the world’s poorest. Others invest their resources in the discipleship and spiritual growth of their children and grandchildren. R.G. LeTourneau, one of the greatest givers of our generation said, “The Bible instructs me to prepare my children to be left to the world, not to prepare to leave the world to my children.” So where are you investing? Jesus said to store up treasure in heaven “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21) Put it this way, I don’t track the performance of stocks unless I’ve invested in them. The same is true with investing in God’s kingdom..where your treasure is, your heart will also follow. 

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