Want a Promotion?

Do you need a promotion?

Most people would love a promotion. They don’t want the same job, same pay, and same level of responsibility, but getting promoted isn’t automatic. You have to show that you want it and prove that you deserve it. My friends at Raymond Construction don’t believe in waiting to be offered a promotion.  They say the key is to be proactive. Here is a list of their tips: First, know what you want. Set your eyes on a specific job so you can start working toward it. Be realistic. You can’t start in the mail room and immediately gain a VP position. Next, work with excellence. You’ll get noticed if you consistently go above and beyond your job description. Work harder than others, take initiative, and get results. Be a team player. Support your co-workers, manager, and organization. Prove that you’re ready to lead others. You can’t do that if you don’t interact with them.

Next, invest in personal development. Know the skills needed for the job you want, then learn them. This demonstrates your commitment to improvement. Even if you don’t get the promotion, you’ll increase your knowledge. Then talk to your manager about your desire to advance. Politely ask what you can do to be considered for a promotion. Would he or she consider supporting you for further training? Finally, look for situations where you can solve problems. Your expertise in providing useful solutions will help you stand out. Quality service from a professing Christian brings honor to God. It draws the attention of superiors and others in your field along with opening doors to share the gospel. 

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