Speaking Words of Hope

Are you filled with hope and joy?

Many have lost hope for a Happy New Year. Some are lonely and forgotten. Others are struggling financially, physically, or emotionally. Think of those you know who are hurting and those who are alone. Call them. Tell them you love them. Perhaps you need to forgive or even ask them for forgiveness. Thank them for the impact they’ve had in your life. Ask if there’s something that you can do for them. Words of love and encouragement can bring life and hope to those who have none. Ask God to fill you with compassion to speak into the hearts of those He brings to your mind. As the Apostle Paul said, “Put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.” (Colossians 3:14)

And if you’re struggling personally, take care of yourself. Get some sleep, eat right, and get some exercise. Go outside and breathe deeply. Admire the sunrise, the sunset, and the stars that God has put in place. Don’t isolate yourself. We’re all made for community. I once heard the story of a woman hospitalized with depression and anxiety. She had placed unrealistic expectations on her family and ended up disappointed and self-absorbed. Her pastor recognized the problem. He talked with her and she had a change of heart. He told her to go home, bake some cookies and return to the hospital to hand them out to the families she met who had very ill children. It did not take long until her depression had lifted. In the coming days and year ahead, I pray you’ll dwell on the goodness of God. May your heart overflow with His love.

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