Skip the Stress of Procrastination

Are you stressed out with last-minute shopping? 

Do you traditionally procrastinate to buy the perfect Christmas gift? I became an expert procrastinator in college. I often ignored due dates and warnings. Procrastination is part of our fallen nature. We know taxes are due April 15th every year, but we wait until the final days and hours to file our tax returns. We know a car must have gasoline to operate properly, but we ignore until the warning light. We know Christmas comes every December, but we struggle to adequately prepare.

Why stress yourself out running around overspending because you’ve waited till the last minute? I want you to pause and think. What do you have that you could give? How about passing down family heirlooms? Can you sew, draw, paint, write, carve or build a gift? These would make treasured memories. Or you could even make a gift of teaching your craft to other family members or friends. How about making a card with a Bible verse that you commit to pray for your loved one throughout the coming year? Consider baking a special dish that will make the holiday memorable. Deliver it over the holidays filled with love and calories! How about making a gift card for the receiver to use in the weeks ahead: a trip to a coffee shop, a museum, or a special event? Studies show that shared experiences have greater lasting value than any other form of gift.

Christmas gift-giving need not be expensive to be meaningful. Even if you’re down to the wire, you can give from your heart. Don’t let the world put you on a guilt trip. Do your own thing and keep your focus on Christ. 

Through December 31, every gift to Crown will be doubled through a matching challenge. In appreciation, I’ll send you my newest book “Freedom from Poverty and Riches” as soon as it’s available. Visit to give and request your copy today.