Retirees Are Returning to Work

Retirees are going back to work.

Over 2 million people retired during the first year and a half of Covid. Now, many are quietly returning. A survey of 500 retired job seekers revealed that a majority of retirees discovered that they missed community, structure, purpose, and the income. Many fear inflation and are concerned about investments in the stock market. Most want something to do and are willing to work in person or remotely. Ideally, they want part-time hours. Retirees offer decades of experience and talent that will positively impact younger workers and help cover labor shortages. Some were laid off and look forward to working again. Others want to delay social security in order to draw a higher check later. Some desire health care coverage. Others are starting their own businesses or coming alongside someone else. Regardless, retirees are a wealth of information and inspiration.

Truett Cathy, founded Chick-Fil-A and served as chairman and CEO until he was 92. Warren Buffet, CEO at Berkshire Hathaway, turned 92 in August. Some older workers fear whether they’ll be accepted by younger coworkers. If seniors or retirees join your workforce, welcome them with open arms. Solomon wrote that gray hair is a crown of glory gained by a righteous life. Wisely steward each year knowing that Biblical financial principles are beneficial at every stage of life. 

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