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Identity in Christ, Not World

You may feel like Travis. He says his car, home, and savings account are his most important possessions. He works HARD  to get ahead and provide for his family…But what would happen if he lost it all? Travis has put identity in all the wrong things. Your identity isn’t printed on a business card, tied to […]

Extended Warranties

Are extended warranties a good idea? Some people buy them with anything they purchase. But the value may not be what you think. Most people who purchase extended warranties do so because they fear the cost of possible repairs or replacement. But, saving the money is a far better alternative! Extended warranties are contracts for […]

Giving with Debt

My wife, Ann and I have just released a new book, called Money Problems, Marriage Solutions – 7 Keys to Aligning Your Finances and Uniting Your Hearts. We share the most important lessons that we have learned to help other couples. God designed your marriage to be a financial blessing not a burden. Order you copy […]

Should Debt Prevent You From Giving?

I recently counseled  a sweet couple in my church. Through a series of little events, they had accumulated a large amount of debt, and realized they had to cut out all unnecessary expenses to pay it off. They asked me if they could cut out tithing, just for a time. Becoming debt-free is a great […]

Finding Joy in Work

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? In college, I was a professional dumpster diver……. But, in some ways, it was the best job I ever could have asked for. Yes! In college I took a job digging through the trash, looking for items my boss could use to fund his mission work. It was […]

Forging a Financial Plan Together

Money is a leading cause for couples to be discouraged, divided, and destroyed. Are YOU sick and tired of fighting about finances? You need a plan to unite and conquer! Oftentimes, these symptoms in marriage develop because couples have no plan. So, they fight, blame, argue, criticize or rationalize financial issues while failing to stop […]

Embracing God’s Principles

Think your marriage suffers from financial problems? That may not be the case! Until a Christian couple shares the same beliefs about money they will struggle with the same problems as the world – like debt, poor purchasing decisions, living paycheck to paycheck, and no retirement savings. These are financial problems….. but they’re just the […]

Payday Loans

Do you need cash quickly? Well whatever you do, don’t get a payday loan! These loans are dangerous! Lenders charge incredibly high interest rates, and usually only give you 2 weeks to pay them back. The interest adds up quickly, creating a mountain of debt in a very short amount of time. If you’re in need, trust […]

Financial Benefits of Marriage

Did you know marriage is not the cause of your financial problems? In fact, it is the very best solution! Contrary to what you’ve heard, seen, or been told in the media today, the benefits of marriage FAR outweigh all other forms of living arrangements. In fact, studies have shown that marriage makes you happier
, […]

Don’t Wait – Just Do It!

Are you waiting to make a budget until you make a little more money? Or to start giving when you’ve paid off your debt? That you’ll start saving for retirement first thing next year? But you just never seem to get there… Procrastination … we all do it! It’s like the classic promise we make […]

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