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Don’t Give Up

Debt can be overwhelming! Sometimes the burden can be so heavy, you want to give up. But don’t!! There are simple, practical steps you can take TODAY. Proverbs 22:7 . “The rich rule the poor and the borrower is slave to the lender.” But you don’t have to live in this bondage forever! First, you’ve […]

Aligning Your Heart with Your Spouse

Are you and your spouse working as hard as you can, to make as much money as you can, to retire as soon as you can, to entertain yourselves as long as you can? This was my interpretation of the American dream. And it took me off course of our life purpose.   But God […]

Using Credit Cards the Right Way

One time in college, Kristi made a big mistake with her credit card. She knew better, but didn’t think the one big splurge would lead to years of interest charges.. Ever since that experience, she lives by simple rules for her credit cards. Kristi keeps a strict rule that in order to use her credit […]

It All Goes Back in the Box

My family loves board games! Some of our favorite memories have included the six of us huddled around a Monopoly board, in friendly, fierce, competition, all hoping to score Boardwalk and Park Place without going to directly to jail.   Our Monopoly games were intense !! But it always ended the same. Regardless of who […]

Aligning Your Family Finances with God

Are your finances a mess? How about your marriage? You’re not alone! Many marriages are in trouble today – even Christian ones. They’ve been wrecked by a materialistic view of finances….the desire for more, bigger, better, faster, and newer keeps us discontent, ungrateful and broke!   Jesus warned us of this danger in the Gospel […]

Becoming a Peacemaker

Do you have financial unity in your marriage? Most marriages need help in developing unity on financial issues . I define this unity as  the consistent readiness to reconcile mutual differences by seeking to listen to, honor, and learn from your spouse.   This will bring peace… which is the oil that makes the engine […]

What Does Financial Bondage Feel Like?

Anxiety, fatigue, and according to her family, irritability. Those were the symptoms Stephanie started experiencing when once again, they weren’t sure if they could make it to the end of the month. Financial stress is painful. It can take a toll on your body, your mind, and your emotions. It can affect your family and […]

Prepared for Surprise Expenses

  I am always amazed at new moms. The number of items they have to carry around everyday astonishes me!! They’re ready for anything. Well just like these new moms are prepared – no matter what – we also need to make plans for those surprise expenses that seem to come out of nowhere. You […]

Funding World Evangelism – Larry Burkett

  Are you committed to the Great Commission? The late Larry Burkett always proclaimed that America is set apart by God for a special purpose. Listen to Larry’s sobering words for America’s Christians… As a parent, it’s my desire to see my children live lives that are fulfilling and honoring to the Lord. Career Direct […]

Dreaming Big Dreams

Do you dream big dreams? Do you have hopes of leaving a lasting impact? Each of us is uniquely designed and created with a specific purpose. We are given dreams or hopes of what we want to accomplish here on earth and our work brings glory to God when we work as unto Him. The […]

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