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A Parent’s Vital Role

When your children are grown, will they use money wisely? Though we can’t answer that question with certainty, Crown’s founder Larry Burkett reminds us that parents play a vital role.   Well, one of the best examples you can set for your children is to free yourself from credit card debt, and if you need […]

Quit-Claim Deed

Ever demonstrated extravagant devotion? Mary broke an alabaster jar of nard, poured it over Jesus’ head and feet, then wiped His feet with her hair. Jesus had raised her brother from the dead and would soon shed His blood for the sins of the world. The scent of her sacrifice, valued at more than a […]

Newlywed Financial Tips

Are you a newlywed? Way back in 1978, Ann and I got married. It was Christmas of our senior year in college. We didn’t know Biblical financial principles, so we struggled with money for 21 years before a Crown Study got us on the same page. Couples experience financial freedom when they unite around what […]

Love Your Neighbor

Do you love your neighbor? Martin Luther once said, “A true Christian lives and labors on earth not for himself but for his neighbor. Therefore the whole spirit of his life compels him to do even that which he needs not do, but which is profitable and necessary for his neighbor.” I enjoy studying history […]

Savings Day – Automatic Deposits

Need help saving more money? Saving protects and prepares us for planned and unexpected expenses. Whether for emergencies, vacation, car, home, or retirement, setting aside money is essential. Everyone can save some amount of money. Even a small amount adds up over time. Most people don’t save because they consistently spend all of their income […]

Crazy Money – Valentine’s Day

It’s Crazy Money Day! Millions of people send roses to express their love on Valentine’s Day. Hundreds of millions of them are produced annually in anticipation of the holiday. Several years ago, Kanye West reportedly gave his wife Kim Kardashian a thousand roses! I wonder if she was impressed. I know it would not impress […]

Global Food Prices Heading Up – How To Save

Is your food bill going up? Newsmax reported that global food prices reached a six-year high in December and are likely to keep rising into 2021. This will add pressure to the many whose budgets are already stretched. If your income remains the same, you’ll need to reduce spending in other budget categories and exercise […]

Give and You’ll Learn To Trust

Tithing is our response to God’s generosity. When we remember our blessings, we’re motivated to give. The Lord asks us to give of our “first-fruits” but entrusts us with 90% to take care of our needs. Matt Tullos gives 16 reasons to tithe to the church. Listen closely: It’s worship, a promise, a teacher, and […]

Where’s Your Hope?

Is money your hope and shield? Think again. King Solomon, the richest man who ever lived said: “Do not wear yourself out to get rich; do not trust your own cleverness. Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an […]

Savings Day – Where’s Your Primary Account?

What do you consider your primary bank account? Is it your checking account? A money market account? Your retirement savings account? Well, how about your heavenly account? When we give to the work of the Lord, we’re investing in eternity, a kingdom without end. Souls are saved, resources provided, ministries supported, and God is glorified. […]

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