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Will and Trust Planning

Planning a vacation? One in five Americans spend more time planning their vacations than managing their finances. Research reveals that the majority of estates lose assets and family harmony because heirs weren’t properly prepared beforehand. Remember to communicate some vital information. First, the location of important documents and the contact information for your attorney, accountant, […]

Savings Day – Plan Ahead! Have a Will!

Its Build your Savings Day! Help your heirs by having a will and planning ahead. Anyone with assets should have a will. Otherwise, at death, a lawyer will be appointed to distribute them. Online documents work for simple situations, but a living – or revocable – trust will help in most cases. Make sure it’s […]

Crazy Money Day – Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Today’s story is about loving a neighbor. Several months ago, storms tore through my neighborhood. Trees went down and we lost power. The roads were blocked so we couldn’t get out. One of my neighbors called with a request for help. His well didn’t work without electricity and he needed water to make it through […]

Remote Job Scams

Looking for a remote job? Watch out for scammers! Scammers demand quick answers to a position, money, and perks for little work along with some kind of payment. They want your social security numbers and bank accounts. Never respond to unsolicited texts, emails, or Linked-in messages about work-from-home opportunities. Market Watch recommends searching national job […]

Minimum Payments

Making minimum credit card payments? If you are making minimum payments, the lowest required payment shown on credit card statements, it can help preserve cash, but it’s expensive, limits freedom, and creates stress.  Call your lender, assure your desire to pay, and negotiate better terms. If you have a decent credit score, you can transfer […]

Busy As A Beaver

Have you heard the saying “busy as a beaver”? Beavers work tirelessly creating dams and building lodges. They don’t hibernate in winter but prepare for its arrival. They’re great examples! Work grants us the ability to plan for the future. It supplies our physical needs, grants purpose to our days, and demonstrates a commitment to […]

The Wise Man Saves for the Future

Today is Savings Day! The Bible says wise men save for the future! When the Coronavirus arrived, 25% of Americans had no emergency savings. Another 25% said they could only make it 1 to 3 weeks. Air travel, public transportation, gasoline prices, restaurants, entertainment, and retail shopping plummeted, but saving opportunities increased. Now hopefully, you […]

Crazy Money Day – Fear and Faith

It’s Crazy Money Day! A COVID situation allowed a Manhattan family to leave the city on a day’s notice.  They rented a mansion in the Hamptons from March through Labor Day for nearly $2 million dollars. People pay crazy amounts to alleviate their fear. Often, they don’t know the true Provider. Fear diminishes when we recognize […]


Are you under financial pressure? Believers are called to live by God’s standards of honesty even when it results in personal loss. Lying abuses relationships with family, employers, governments, and God. Cheating on taxes or padding your expense report harms others. Jesus said: “…if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will […]

Vacation Plans?

Have your hopes for a vacation faded away? Like many Americans, you may have planned and saved for a great get-away this year. If so, I applaud you! Planning and saving are foundational to financial freedom. By exercising self-control, you can save for vacation and avoid debt, but perhaps your vacation’s been put on hold. Staycations, […]