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Building a Surplus Takes Time

If you’re a gardener, you may have planted some fruit trees back in the Fall. If so, remember it’ll take a few years before you can really enjoy the fruit of your labors. Today, Crown’s founder, the late Larry Burkett reminds us that the same kind of patience is needed when getting our finances under […]

Ikea Effect

Do you consider yourself a “do-it-yourselfer?” There’s an interesting phenomenon that researchers call the “IKEA effect.” A study showed that people experience greater satisfaction with projects they do themselves, even if of lesser quality, than with projects they pay others to do. Now I totally get this! The work I put into cutting down trees, […]

Rising Gas Prices

Have you noticed the jump in gasoline prices? Industry analysts say prices are up due to higher crude oil costs., says it’s a supply and demand problem. Now that people are moving about, demand has increased. The impact is felt across the economy. Increased transportation costs affect retail prices, public transportation, and the sales […]

RV Regret in Retirement

Are you dreaming about hitting the road in an RV? Not so fast! I’ve always thought that owning a recreational vehicle would be a ton of fun – especially a classic Airstream! We know people who take theirs to college tailgate parties, and others who RV with friends. Last June, surveyed retirees about owning […]

Crazy Money – Motivated to Give

It’s Crazy Money Day!  I grew up in Texas, so I love learning inspirational stories of fellow Texans. Tremaine Brown is a University of Texas student-athlete graduate. He owns and operates a restaurant called Shi Lee’s with his mother. Known for its southern dishes like chicken-fried chicken, brisket nachos, and catfish, Shi Lee’s developed a reputation […]

Joy in Trial

How do you react when faced with various trials? “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.” (James 1:2) The trials James addressed were the consequences of serving God without compromise. Most of the financial challenges we face today are the result of violating Biblical principles. Either we don’t […]

Expectations vs. Encouragement

Do you speak words of encouragement to your children? Or do they feel unable to meet your expectations? Sometimes we act as if we need to validate ourselves through our children. If we’re elevated spiritually by their achievements, then we’re also demoralized by their failures. Now, this shouldn’t be. Our identity should be in Christ, […]

Short Term Planning

If cash shortages require you to use credit cards, try short-term planning. Planning takes a little time but can save you a lot of headaches. Consider the ant. Solomon said, in Proverbs 30, that they’re small creatures of little strength. They wisely store their food in the summer when times are good. Then they’ll have […]

Savings Day – Encourage Friends

Do you know anyone who’s struggling to save money? People often have a hard time learning to save. Unfortunately, it’s easy to exasperate them in our attempt to help. Troubled people don’t need us to point out their problems. Most don’t appreciate unsolicited advice. In fact, many discouraged people already recognize their mistakes and have […]