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Unemployment Benefits & Taxes

Have you received unemployment benefits this year? The IRS counts unemployment benefits as taxable income. There are three ways to prepare now and avoid a painful surprise next April. Elect to withhold 10% of your unemployment compensation by filling out IRS Form W-4V. It will withhold that amount in future benefits but it’s not retroactive. […]

Give First, Save Second

It’s Generosity day! If you get your financial house in order you’ll have the freedom to make wise decisions and generously help others. Solomon said, “The wise man saves for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he gets.” (Proverbs 21:20) To avoid “foolish” living, determine to spend less than you make. You’ll gain […]

Savings Day – Wedding Tips

It’s build your Savings Day! I once read that the higher the cost and the lower the attendance at a wedding, the less likely the marriage would work. The lower the cost and the higher the number of guests in attendance, the more likely the marriage would last. My wedding advice? Keep it simple and […]

Crazy Money Day – A Pizza Tip

It’s Crazy Money Day! Have you ever miscalculated a tip? It’s embarrassing! When a couple discovered they’d only tipped their pizza delivery man 33 cents, they wanted to make things right. The very next day they sent an apology in a card with a $20 bill, the cost of their pizza. It revealed the heart […]

Work: Invest in Yourself

We need to invest in ourselves. It’s been said that no one will pay you what you’re not willing to pay yourself. It’s how you become more valuable as volunteers, employees, or employers. I invest in myself in a variety of ways. I start each day listening to the Bible. I read widely and deeply […]

Investing Tips

Ready to invest? How about some tips? Investing is money put at risk for the long haul. You start by tracking things you’re interested in. You can follow specific stocks at Imagine that you invest in certain companies. Track their performance over time. You can do this cost-free while saving the funds to invest. […]

Giving: A Home

It’s Generosity day! In his book, Our Better Angels, Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity, tells the story of Bob Karlstrand. Bob showed up at a Habitat office with a terminal illness wanting to give them his house. He requested that it go to a veteran. Bonnie, a Navy vet, and her grandson were […]

Savings Day – Borrowing From Your 401K

It’s Build Your Savings Day! A listener asked if she should use a low-interest credit card or borrow from her 401(k) to replace her air conditioning unit. I recommend that she make repairs to keep it running through the summer, then save to replace it. If that’s not possible, she should study the market. Costs […]

Crazy Money Day – Options to Nursing Homes

It’s Crazy Money Day! Lee Wachstetter and her husband took 89 cruises during their 50-year marriage. Widowed at 77, she decided to cruise full-time and lived on a luxury cruise ship for more than a decade. Few can afford that lifestyle, but there are other options for the elderly. Multigenerational living, common in other countries, […]

Work – Home Improvement Projects

Taking on a home improvement project? Bank of America reports that millennials are spending the most on projects. A thousand people were polled during the coronavirus, and 70% decided to improve their homes with more projects planned for 2021. Attic insulation, new windows, a garage, entry doors, and decks are popular improvements this year. Paying […]