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Mentoring Your Successor in Business

If you run a business, you understand the  sense of ownership that’s required to make it successful, but one day, you’ll have to put the reins into someone else’s hands. Today, our founder, the late Larry Burkett, offers insights on how to prepare for that day.    Now if credit card debt is keeping you […]

30 Day Money Reset

Always Running low on money? Have you ever wished you could just make a little more money? A few extra thousand dollars would pay off that debt or create a nest egg for retirement. Just a little more and all of your money problems would just disappear! Well none of those things are bad. More […]

Multi-generational Homes

Do you live in a multi-generational home? Covid pushed millions of young adults back home. The Pew Research Center reported that in July of 2020, 52% of young adults resided with one or both of their parents. That surpassed the number recorded during the Great Depression. Young people left college campuses, lost jobs, had debt, […]

Marathon Training and Giving

I used to love running! One of my friends, who was not a runner, decided to sign up for a marathon. His training taught me a lot about giving. My friend found that the first few miles of training were really difficult, but after a couple of weeks, a 5K became a normal part of his […]

Savings Day – Health and Wealth

If you want to save and manage money God’s way, the first step may surprise you.  You may think that saving money starts with a budget or decreased spending. You’d be wrong! The Bible reveals that the battle to live as Godly stewards is won or lost in the heart, not the wallet! It’s the […]

Crazy Money! Real Estate Values

It’s Crazy Money Day! Homes in many parts of the United States have skyrocketed in value.  Newsmax reported that during April, U.S. home prices jumped the most in more than 30 years. The S&P Case-Shiller index of property values climbed nearly 15% from last year. That followed a 13% jump in March – the 11th straight […]

Home Title Fraud: Protect Yourself

Don’t be an easy target for home title fraud. Learn ways that you can protect yourself. Thieves love to commit home title fraud beginning with identity theft. Carefully check your bank statements and your mail with caution. Never open suspicious emails from mortgage companies that aren’t yours. Review your credit reports on a regular basis. Verify […]

Home Title Protection Tips

Maybe you’ve heard about ‘home title theft’. That occurs when someone gets the deed to your property without your consent. The fraudulent transfer of a home deed out of the rightful owner’s name to another person’s name is a crime. reports that it’s usually done in 3 steps: • Thieves target a home – […]

Larry Burkett’s Giving Checklist

Our founder, Larry Burkett, once said, “Share willingly according to God’s plan, but be discerning and cautious as a steward. Accept nothing less than excellence for the Lord’s money.” Here’s a checklist Larry used for giving: 1. If it’s a Christian organization, is it communicating the true message of Jesus Christ? If not, don’t get […]

Savings Day – Health and Wealth

Health and wealth are related in multiple ways.  Health professionals recommend that adults spend a minimum of 2 ½ hours of moderate aerobic exercise and muscle strengthening each week. This reduces the risk of certain diseases and improves sleep and mood – not to mention lowering stress and anxiety. A recent study found that adults […]