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Building Roots and Facing Fears

Are financial fears holding you back? I recently discovered a fantastic home improvement show by HGTV called Building Roots. It features Ben and Christi Dozier, super-talented designer/builders who hail from Texas, my home state. They started Root Design Company in 2004. Today, they and their 4 children work out of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. After just one […]

Lost Luggage Tips

Are you afraid to fly? A big fear of flying today is losing your luggage. Airlines don’t have enough staff to handle all the baggage. If it happens to you, Condé Nast offers 3 tips. First, file a report before leaving the airport so the airline can begin working on it. Next, ask for compensation. Airlines […]

Peacemaking Keeps Your Marriage

How’s your marriage doing? The New York Post reports that happily married people live longer, have lower rates of cancer, stroke, and heart attack, and tend to be less stressed overall. Susannah Cahalan wrote that getting divorced can make you sick and even lead to an early death. The average cost of getting divorced is […]

Finding a Job You Love

Has your career been impacted by Covid? Many people around the globe have experienced job losses during the pandemic. If you’re ready for a career change, now’s the time to take action. First, look back on your job history. List the things you like and dislike about every job you’ve had. If you’ve never had […]

Love Your Neighbor

Do you love your neighbor? Martin Luther once said: “A true Christian lives and labors on earth not for himself but for his neighbor. Therefore the whole spirit of his life compels him to do even that which he needs not do, but which is profitable and necessary for his neighbor.” I enjoy studying history […]

Paying Off a Mortgage

Want to pay off your mortgage before you retire? If you’ve paid off your mortgage, you know the peace of mind that comes with owning your home, but if you’re in the process of paying yours off early, don’t neglect other financial goals. Pay off your high-interest debt first. Credit cards, payday loans, car loans, […]

Weed Out Weaknesses

Our small weaknesses can do big damage to our wallets. We’re easily blinded to our weaknesses because our spending is so habitual. Ask the Lord, your spouse, or a friend to help you see them. For some people, it’s the daily food and drink purchases. For others, it’s fashion, fitness gear, exotic vacations, and more. […]

Learning To Compromise

Do you see compromise as a weakness, as a poor solution to any problem or do you see it as a means to build bridges and keep the peace? Too often in our marriages, we look to see who will win the argument vs who is willing to see value in each other’s opinions.  Today, […]

Gambling – A Losing Proposition

Ever buy scratch-off lottery tickets?   Some people say gambling’s just entertainment, like fishing, seeing a movie, or going to a baseball game, but when you win at gambling, you do so at the expense of others. Gambling really boils down to self-gratification. It’s the thrill of believing you’ll hit the jackpot and not having […]

Try Living on an Allowance

When did you last get an allowance? Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, has a net worth estimated to be $200 million. Yet, he says, “I don’t spend much money. If I had all my money in one account I would spend all of it, so I get an allowance.” Now, that’s pretty smart! In fact, […]