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Investing In What Really Lasts

Did you know that one man’s ability to dig ditches changed the world? R. G. LeTourneau invented some of the world’s best earth-moving machinery. In fact, during World War II, 70% of the equipment used was his, but with his fortune, he invested in the kingdom of God. Consider what Crown’s founder, the late Larry […]

How To Retire With Money In The Bank

Stewards think about their future. Do you? Wise stewards set strategic financial goals to prepare for the future. Many people say they’ll just never retire, but the Bible tells us to save and invest because we don’t know what tomorrow may bring, and who doesn’t want to leave some kind of an inheritance for their […]

Remember The Poor

Are you making financial plans this year? Did you remember the poor?  It’s easy to get so consumed with planning for our own needs that we forget others, but God wants us to serve the hurting, the weak and those who need hope and encouragement. That means getting out of our comfort zone and letting […]

Be Cautious – Seek Counselors

Did you grow up hearing “Be Careful!” when you started driving? I did! And there’s a reason… With age comes experience. Hopefully some wisdom too. We naturally want to spare our loved ones from the pain of mistakes.  God, our Heavenly Father, expresses His heart throughout Scripture, and we should heed His warnings or all […]

Saving Day – Pack Your Lunch

Do you have the post-Christmas blues? We’re here to help because it’s Build Your Savings Day!  Savers are planners. They make sacrifices to reach their goals, and savings outweigh the forfeit of temporary pleasures. You just have to keep doing it long enough to see the benefit! The key is spending less than you make. […]

$120,000 Debt Paid Off

It’s Crazy Money Day, and today we’ll see how a young couple paid off a mountain of debt in under 3 years! Quenton and Marchelle Ross had $120,000 in combined student loan debt, and it was a huge burden.  So, they got serious. Quenton said they cut back wasteful spending, going out to eat, buying […]

Money Dates

Are you ready to live 2020 as better financial managers? 1/3 of New Year resolutions involve setting financial goals. I want to help you reach those goals. Becoming faithful stewards starts by knowing and believing that God is our provider, but we live in a world where our beliefs conflict with that truth — like […]

New Year’s Day – 2020 Vision

Happy New Year! 2020 is a term that doctors use for clear vision. Now I hope you clearly see what God can do in your finances this year. I don’t know anyone starting this year with a desire for more debt, more financial pain, or stress. In fact, recent surveys show that 1/3 of all […]

Tax Tips, pt 2

It’s New Year’s Eve – the final day for year-end tax moves. Now you can’t cram tax planning into one day. However, yesterday and today’s programs include tips to possibly lower your taxes or increase your refund. To reduce taxable income, max-out contributions to tax-deferred retirement accounts. These include traditional 401(k)’s, 403(b)’s, or similar plans. […]

Tax Tips, pt 1

Only two days left in the year, but still enough time to do some tax planning! Here are some steps you can take today to possibly reduce the taxes owed for 2019 or increase your refund. Keep all charitable receipts and organize your paperwork to make tax preparation easier. Defer any remaining income unless you […]