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The Value of Work

It’s Crazy Money Day! And, today’s focus is a teenager whose earnings this year are over $1 million. This year, Cori ‘CoCo’ Gauff became the youngest woman to qualify at Wimbledon. As my wife and I watched her play, we were mesmerized by her skill and maturity on the court. Upon losing in her 4th […]

The Financially Attractive Mate

Are you wondering if a potential mate has his or her financial act together? There are several things to look for in a marriage partner. Priorities reveal a lot. How do they use their time? What do they treasure? Are they grateful people or do they live entitled? Are they givers? Are they savers? How […]

Are You Economically Attractive?

Could finances be holding you back from marriage? Are you economically attractive? A study in the journal of Marriage and Family suggests that declining marriage rates could be due to a shortage of economically attractive partners. Evidently, there’s a shortage of marriageable men – those with good incomes and stable jobs. 40% of never-married adults […]

Call Credit Card Customer Service

  Ever had to call your credit card company? One in 2 Americans say calling customer service is a pain and they’d rather call their in-laws. Yet, 3 in 4 consumers say it’s worth it. Here’s what the survey revealed: 40% of people who asked for a late fee to be waived were successful. A […]

New Car Loans Exceed Six Years

  Boy, do I love that new car smell! But, not enough to replace my used cars! Experian reports that in the first half of 2019, 1/3 of auto loans for new cars had terms longer than 6 years. Average car loans have grown to over $32,000 with some terms as long as 8 or […]

Benefits of Patience

Do you struggle with waiting? Maybe you’ve adopted an entitlement mindset. According to Dr. Christine Pohl: If we’re entitled to everything, we’re grateful for nothing. Patience is a virtue, a fruit of the Spirit and a characteristic of Godliness. Paul told the Colossian church to clothe themselves in patience and be thankful. Depending on God […]

Give Out of Love

Does your lifestyle demonstrate a genuine love for others? Or does it shield you from the needs around you? George Mueller said: God judges what we give by what we keep. We need to ask ourselves, are we stewarding well what God provides? Do we keep back money for selfish consumption that could be used […]

Don’t Compromise

Think a little fudging here or there won’t matter in the long run? Think again! The Bible’s full of people who fudged a little here and a little there. And, today we’re bombarded with stories of personal failure in the news. Compromise does NOT bring contentment! Take Solomon. The Lord blessed him with wisdom and […]

Testimony of Contentment

A friend of Crown wrote me a note with these words: “Contentment really is a reflection of our walk with the Lord. When He’s all that we need, then our material possessions are of much less significance to us.” Robert explained how he and his family live and the rich benefits: For us personally, we’ve […]