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Listening to Your Spouse’s Counsel

How well do you and your spouse communicate when it comes to the family finances? Today, the late Larry Burkett counsels us to listen to our very best counselor, our spouse.   If you’ve been helped by Crown or this radio station, can I ask you to support us?  We’ll use your gift to reach […]

Discontentment and Worldly Goals

Christians get trapped in discontentment when they adopt worldly goals. Worldly goals always boil down to three things: more, bigger, and better. Scripture defines them as indulgence, greed, and pride. Often, successful Christians come to the Lord out of desperation. Their accumulation of assets has neither alleviated fear nor provided happiness. Oftentimes they actually create strife! After […]

True Contentment

One of the most elusive desires in our life is to find contentment. It’s an attitude found when we abide in Christ.   Our founder, Larry Burkett said that many people seemingly have little or no regard for material possessions. They accept poverty as a normal living condition, and their major concern is where they […]

Prepare for Retirement

American’s have a mania about retirement, and much of that is due to the fact that people aren’t prepared.  A recent poll found that more than one-third of Americans are unprepared for retirement. One third of American’s don’t have retirement savings and a significant percentage of the population simply can’t afford to retire. Stewards save […]

Savings Day – Budget Coach Testimony

Have you ever worked with a personal trainer to get into shape?  Good trainers know how to help by encouraging and challenging in specific areas, and when we listen, and apply what they tell us, we’ll see results. Now we at Crown care about your relationship with the Lord and your stewardship of all that […]

Crazy Money – Turo Car Rental

It’s Crazy Money Day!  Turo is a car rental company whose inventory belongs to personal car owners. It’s like an Airbnb for cars. Typically hosts earn $10,000 per vehicle annually after paying a commission for insurance that’s arranged through the company. Most car owners registered with the company offer a vehicle or two, but more […]

Money: A Matter of Significance

In the world’s economy, significance is gained through the ownership and possession of assets. In God’s economy, significance is gained through the sharing of assets. Far too many people make the big mistake of hoarding money instead of giving it away. They refuse to respond to the needs of others, even when opportunities are clearly […]

Don’t Embezzle What Belongs to God

Embezzlement is a serious crime, punishable by significant penalties in civil and criminal courts. Embezzlement is the fraudulent conversion of another’s property by a person in a position of trust. In Joshua 7, we read about the “Sin of Achan,” possibly the first man in the Bible who attempted to embezzle from God. Achan stole […]

The Dangers of Hidden Greed

God abhors greed. Perhaps more than any other sin, it reveals what we think about Him. Greed indicates that we place a higher priority on things than on our relationship with God. Our thoughts and actions reveal our priorities and loyalties. We’re guilty of greed when our desire to acquire more money and possessions outweighs […]

Savings Day – Confront Selfishness

Ever see others choose the best for themselves and then label them selfish? It’s hard to notice selfishness in ourselves! In Genesis 13, we read that Abram and his nephew, Lot, had a problem. Both men were wealthy and the land couldn’t support all their flocks and herders. Abram valued their relationship more than money. So, […]