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Preparing for a Layoff

  Could being laid off from your job actually be….a good thing? As difficult as losing your job is, a layoff could be God’s method of launching you into a better position. The key is to be prepared! Proverbs 22:3 says, “The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer […]

Loving Your Job

  Do you love your job? Unfortunately, most people don’t love their jobs. We tend to live for the weekends and just try to get by Monday – Friday. It makes me so sad to know that most of our country dreads getting out of bed Monday mornings because God gave us work as a […]

Updating Your Resume

Do you dread writing or updating your resume? Most professional positions require applicants to submit a resume along with a cover letter. It must clearly communicate the value you offer a future employer and in a competitive market, it must stand out from others. But be careful to not turn it into a historical document […]

Considering An Internship

  Is it ever a good move to work for free? One of the best ways for students to gain skills, experience, and a network of professionals is to take on an internship. Now, not all of these  are unpaid, but even if there is not compensation, the experience and connections could be well worth […]

Making Smart Choices for College, Part 2

How important is your college degree? A degree is simply the springboard of steps toward a career that ultimately glorifies God. Settling into a career is often a journey not the direct result of a particular major. One job leads to another and God opens doors. Bob Dickie, Crown’s President and author of Love Your […]

Making Smart Choices for College, Part 1

  I have four sons who have all attended, or are attending, college. Higher education is expensive!! College may not be for everyone! But unfortunately, most Americans have taken on debt to pay for school and you may be one of those with outstanding loans. In 2016, the average student graduated owing more than $37,000. […]

Recovering From Failure

Have you ever failed? I mean, really failed? You know, that sickening feeling when you realize you’ve missed the mark, made a huge mistake, or gone just a little too far. No wonder it’s one of our greatest fears. You want to know what my biggest financial failure was? I became successful in the eyes […]

A Business Owner’s Best Counselor

The late Larry Burkett, our founder, believed that an excellent wife, as described in Proverbs 31, should be her husband’s primary earthly counselor. Larry observed that in a family business, the wife is either immersed in the day-to-day operation or is totally isolated from any vital input.   Wives, you must not allow yourselves to […]