Lost Luggage Tips

Are you afraid to fly?

A big fear of flying today is losing your luggage. Airlines don’t have enough staff to handle all the baggage. If it happens to you, Condé Nast offers 3 tips. First, file a report before leaving the airport so the airline can begin working on it. Next, ask for compensation. Airlines are required to compensate when bags are damaged, delayed, or lost. To get the maximum value, keep all receipts for purchases made when your bag is lost. Be prepared to detail the value of everything in your lost luggage. Know what your travel insurance covers. Typically, daily limits for replacing clothes and toiletries falls between $100 and $500. Make purchases, keep your receipts, then submit a claim to the insurance company. When bags are truly gone, file a claim through your travel insurance. Most plans cover baggage and personal items that are lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed while traveling or checked. Total coverage runs between $500-$2,500. Your credit card may cover delayed or lost bags too. Finally, be preventative. Mark bags with a bright ribbon, a label, or strap. Pack something clearly identifiable and even unusual. Take photos of your bag open and closed for tracing and insurance. If you can’t carry-on, be prepared for anything while also trusting God each step of your journey. 

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